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The real estate developers of different cities of Uttar Pradesh formed an apex body by the name of CREDAI UPREDCO in the year 2000 which now is known as CREDAI-UP with its headquarters at Lucknow and branches in different cities. CREDAI-UP is well recognized by the State Government and other authorities at various levels. CREDAI-UP is able to highlight various difficulties and anomalies, which this industry had been facing from time to time and also suggest solutions for the same.

CREDAI-UP is the spearhead for evolving, recommending and pursuing the formulation of policies by the Government and its authorities in relation to all aspects of real estate development in the state of UP. On the basis of our rich interaction, the State Government has always been supportive and responsive.

CREDAI-UP operates through its city chapters in Agra, Jhansi, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bareilly and Gorakhpur and presently is having 300 plus members spread across the state including Lucknow. Strength of CREDAI-UP has increased tremendously because of its quality. Efforts are being done to form more city chapters and soon few emerging cities of the State would be a part of CREDAI-UP.

CREDAI-UP has been very selective and apprehensive in enrolling members because of the strict adherence of the Code of Conduct, which each member is suppose to follow. CREDAI-UP also monitors the activities of the members to ensure that their activities are within the parameter of declaration made by them in respect of Code of Conduct. Regular meetings of the members are held for healthy discussions and for sharing important policy matters discussed with and finalized by the Government.


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