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Code Of Conduct

Code Of Conduct

The Code of Conduct which CREDAI-UP strictly observes is:

The members shall ensure fair dealing with their customers.

The members shall ensure high standards in the real estate development and the construction activities.

The members shall ensure to promote transparency in their working system.

The members shall ensure to maintain their honor and dignity in general and to secure the spirit of friendly co-operation with their customers.

The members shall ensure to promote brotherhood within the fellow members.

The members shall ensure that they discharge their responsibilities towards the Society in a fair, transparent and efficient manner.

The members shall voluntarily ensure promotion of self-governance and ethical practices.

The members shall from time to time share with fellow members the knowledge of the latest industry data, technology, advancements, industry benchmarks and international status.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

CREDAI-UP has planned to undertake the following Corporate Social Responsibilities:

Organize Free Cataract operations for the laborers’ engaged in the real estate construction.

Organize free Monthly Health Check-up Camps for the real estate workers.

Give free education to the selected best student children of the workers engaged in real estate.

Organize workshop for safety training for the real estate workers.

Distribution of winter cloths and blankets to the real estate workers.

Organize skill development programs for the real estate workers.


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